What is Visa on Arrival?
Nigeria Visa on Arrival is a class of short visit visa issued at the port of entry. The facility is available to frequently travelled High Net Worth Investors and Intending Visitors who may not be able to obtain visa at the Nigerian Missions/Embassies in their countries of residence due to the absence of a Nigerian mission in those countries or exigencies of urgent business travels.

How do I get a Visa On Arrival Approval Letter?
Please check out How To Apply for Visa on Arrival Approval for details.

What is Visa Approval Letter?
Visa Approval Letter is a document (approved by the Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters) that allows a traveller to proceed to Nigeria to pick up entry visa at the point of entry.

How long does it take to get the approval letter?
Visa Approval Letter normally takes 2 (48 hours) working days to process and emailed to you and your representative/contact who applied on your behalf in Nigeria.

How do I receive my visa approval letter?
Through email or your representative/contact in Nigeria.

Are there any restrictions with this type of visa?
Yes, Visa on Arrival is not valid for employment or residence.

Do you require a scan of my passport data page?
Yes, a scanned copy of your passport data page is required.

What is the minimum validity for my passport?
Your passport must be at least six (6) months valid to apply for Nigerian visa.

What are the procedures at the Nigeria Airports/Ports of Entry?
Upon arrival at the port of entry proceed to clearly marked Visa on Arrival Desk for issuance of entry Visa. Present your approval letter, passport and evidence of payment to be issued with an Entry Visa. Proceed to Immigration and other border control agencies for clearance.

Should I provide exact date of arrival?
Not necessarily but must be within the date provided in your itinerary.

How long in advance should I apply for a Visa approval Letter?
Should not exceed validity of Visa Approval Letter of 14 days.

Can I travel without Approval letter and get the Visa when I arrive?
No, Approval letter must be obtained before proceeding to Nigeria.

How much does the Approval Letter cost?
Approval Letter is FREE.

How much does the Visa on Arrival Cost?
See Visa Fees here.

Can I make payment at the point of arrival?

What credit/debit cards are accepted for online payment?
Master Card and Visa cards are acceptable or Cash payment.

My credit number is correct but it was not accepted?
  • Some of the card details other than the card number might be incorrect, such as Card Verification Value (CVV) or Expiry Date.
  • You have reached credit limit / insufficient balance to pay for the service.
  • You have entered incorrect One Time Password (OTP) Code/i-Pin/Secure Code.
  • You have not registered your card with the Issuer Bank.
How safe are my card details?
For highly secure online payment transaction, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) along with encryption to keep your credit card details safe. With this technology, transmission of card details over the internet is always encrypted.

What if I change my flight and arrive at another Airport in Nigeria?
It advisable to stick to flight itinerary submitted at the time of applying.



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